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Wireless Point to Point Links

Wireless Point to Point connections from Digitall are used as an alternative to renting expensive leased lines or digging and laying fibre between locations, to provide fast, secure connectivity for data, voice and video.


Point to point solutions consist of cost-effective high-throughput wireless Ethernet bridges and extensions that transmit data with maximum reliability even under the harshest conditions and in non-line-of-sight situations.

Digitall have a variety of wireless bridging solutions for the Point to point (PtP) and point to multi point (PtMP) situation. You no longer have to pay for expensive leased line charges between your buildings, or put up with the slow speeds associated with leased lines. Digitall can deliver blistering speeds of up to 1.25Gbps to ensure that your network is not the slowest link in your companies performance!


Our high-performance, cost-effective bridges make reaching the out-of-reach easier than ever. Operating in a variety of frequencies, these solutions provide reliable connectivity in even the most challenging situations.

We have provided solutions for a wide range of customers throughout the UK, and are happy to meet any challenge head on.

Wireless bridge survey

Before implementing a wireless bridge it is essential to perform a wireless bridge survey. The survey will calculate that the link is viable for the distance intended, that there is enough RF spectrum available and that no other RF bridge will interfere with your intended installation.

Please call us for a free survey.


For information on the benefits of wireless point to point please call 01274 602504, or send us your request to info@digitall-comms.co.uk