3M PELTOR High Attenuation Headset CH-5

3M PELTOR High Attenuation Headset CH-5

These 3M PELTOR headsets are intended to provide protection against hazardous noise levels and very loud sounds. The robust headset, designed to be used in extreme environmnets, is easy to use and maintain.
The 3M PELTOR CH-5 High Attenuation Headsets offer a high SNR value and impact sound protection. Designed to be used in an extreme machine room and other places with high steady noise.

Standard Models:

  • MT73H450A GB: Hearing protector, J11, headband
  • MT73H450P3E GB: Hearing protector, J11, helmet attachment
  • MT73H450A-77 GB: Hearing protector, flex, headband 
  • MT73H450P3E-77 GB: Hearing protector, flex, helmet attachment
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MT73H450A GB

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3M PELTOR High Attenuation Headset CH-5

Key Features

  • High attenuation on impact noise
  • Highest SNR on the market*
  • Water tight microphone (IP68)
  • Robust construction, easy to maintain

*As of October 2016

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